Welcome to the... Galactic Design Bureau!

Step into the shoes of the novice planetary engineer. You live in a world where planet creation became possible. It's quite expensive, but highly popular service among rich people and intergalactic organizations. Planetary Bureaus across all of the Universe need workers just like you: young, talanted, hard-working and modest. Be ready to work with unusual clients and their crazy demands, strange materials and wacky equipment. Good luck!


Mostly just your mouse — it's simple drag&drop (and sometimes click) game. Your keyboard is needed just to type your character's name in.

For better experience we recommend to use full screen mode.

Team of No Dragons Studio

Storminka — art&design

Gurdhhu — code

Wuzzard — code

Redwerewolf — texts


Music is by the community of https://freesound.org.

Main theme is composed by Bruno_ph, we use it under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License.

We also use:

Other sounds are used under Creative Commons 0 License.

Font is TT Supermolot.


PlanetaryCatgineer_build.zip 94 MB


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This game was a lot of fun and I liked all the different missions and writing for the game. More missions and different planetary objects would be really cool to see if there is a future version of the game 10/10

Thank you very much, your comment motivates us to think really seriously about creating a sequel :3


The art and writing are so good! It's cute, but there's a subversive edge to it that's really infectious. I like the recurring characters. It seems like there's a lot of potential here to tell a larger story.

Planetary Catgineer: come for the cats, stay for the social commentary.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our game and getting into the texts in it, it's so damn nice! We really tried to make a cute game, but not a game for children, more like something like that - edgy and rock. And we are happy to know that we were able to do so :3

Deleted 32 days ago

Really good looking game! Art is purrfect, and gameplay is nice and chill!

Your core concept remind me of what we did, with different ideas in the application, but your art is without question far superior.

Really nice game!

Ooh, how sweet, meow-meow! =^_^=

I will definitely look into your game when the weekend comes, it is very interesting how different people implement similar ideas.
Thank you!


The game looks really good, i love the artstyle. Since it's not that hard it gets boring after some time but the little jokes made me laugh.

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback! We wanted to make a gradual increase in complexity and additional features, but we didn't have time to implement this in the jam. However, if we continue working on this project, we will definitely think about these points :3